Azzurre Spirits


Azzurre Spirits was founded in 2014 with the launches of Azzurre Vodka and Azzurre Gin, which have already amassed an impressive collection of ratings. Azzurre Vodka earned a 94 rating by Tasting Panel Magazine and has been honored at the 2014 MicroLiquor Awards, the 2014 Craft Spirit Awards and the 2014 Beverly Hills International Spirits Awards; while Azzurre Gin has received a rating of 93, respectively, by the 2015 Ultimate Spirits Challenge and 2015 Beverage Tasting Institute. Unlike most vodkas and gins, which are made from corn and grains, Azzurre Vodka and Azzurre Gin are distilled from apples, grapes and sugar cane. Subsequently, any sweetness or flavor is natural, not added, and both spirits are gluten free.

Azzurre Vodka and Azzurre Gin are distributed through Southern Wine & Spirits and are currently available for purchase at Lee’s Discount Liquor, Roy’s Liquor and a number of notable restaurants and bars on the Las Vegas Strip. More information is available at, as well as on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram @AzzurreSpirits.

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