Posted by Hannah Rickards

Las Vegas thrives on an unparalleled ability to add pizazz to even the most mundane human experiences. For those of us who call Sin City home, lifestyles and career paths tend to be devoid of anything “routine.” Thanks to the eclectic nature of this incredible city, my livelihood has included singing, celebrities and nitro, which amazingly converge in my position as a Public Relations Account Coordinator with Wicked Creative.

If my father knew his daughter would attend college in Las Vegas, he certainly would have shipped me to a nunnery. Thankfully, to fund studies at the University of Nevada, Las Vegas, I made my papa proud and became a singing gondolier at The Venetian. Without setting foot in Italy I mastered the art of rowing a gondola, singing Italian arias and pairing horizontal stripes with red sashes and pleated pants. The gondola paved the way to meet a myriad of people from around the world, hear an incredible amount of personal stories and witness countless weddings and engagements. Working in the heart of The Strip provides an experience unlike any other with fast-paced interaction and daily encounters with the unexpected.

Following graduation from UNLV, I began my media career as a DJ for Mix 94.1 at CBS Radio. While much joy came from giving concert tickets to enthusiastic listeners, my most memorable interactions came from interviewing Patrick Stump from Fall Out Boy, giving Mat Kearney a high five and Jared Leto complimenting my dress. Every on-air shift, a radio personality must be prepared for a variety of scenarios including, but certainly not limited to, surprise band interviews, callers who curse, switchboard malfunctions and having your show kicked off the air repeatedly by National Weather Service updates.

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Continuing my passion for being on-air I have hosted the webcast, “This Week at LVMS” for Las Vegas Motor Speedway since September 2009, which recently underwent a tune-up to become rebranded as, “Vegas in the Fast Lane.” My role at the track expanded to include victory lane interviews at The Bullring at Las Vegas Motor Speedway (where NASCAR stars Kurt and Kyle Busch began their careers) and interviews with drag racing legends inside Club Nitro during NHRA national events. The amazing position allows me to interact with some of the biggest names in the sport including John Force, Tanner Foust, Jimmie Johnson and so many more. The racing environment is completely unique; drivers are focused, fans are passionate and the unpredictable can truly happen.

Akin to working in PR, Las Vegas presents a unique set of challenges, opportunities and experiences. Thankfully, tourists are not hogging all the fun. Many careers here allow for dealings with celebrities, noteworthy job descriptions and a genuine possibility of waking up covered in glitter.