2018 was a great year for Wicked Creative and all of the Wickeds! We celebrated the grand opening of some of our favorites spots including Beverly Hills Rejuvenation Center, Theatre Box San Diego, Romero + McPaul, Freed’s Dessert Shop and more; we threw down at YMCA of Southern Nevada in support of After-School All-Stars LV; Mama Wicked was honored by Girl Scouts of Southern Nevada; and of course, we drank a lot of wine

Cheers to 2019 and the resolutions we’ve set!

Stephanie: My New Year’s resolution is to do more for children in need and in doing so, to be a better role model for my own son. I also want to eat more fruit and fewer cookies.
I want to be more present and in the moment. Less screen time, and more time outdoors!
Taylor: My New Year’s resolutions are to go on more runs at the beach and to drink more water.
Tatiyana: This year, I want to start running outside twice a week to work on my beach bod and check out the awesome scenery! I’d also like to read more books and watch a little less Netflix.
Sidney: In 2019, I plan to hike one of Oregon’s highest mountains, the South Sister. Also, to drink more champagne.
Sabela: My resolution is to work out five days a week. 🤗
Sebastian: One of my biggest New Year’s resolutions is to pick up a guitar or piano and get back into music.
Whitney: My New Year’s resolution is to read more books. I have a list of about 30 books I’ve been wanting to read and I’m hoping to finish all of them in 2019!
Tanner: My New Year’s resolution is to become a better cook and actually learn how to use different herbs and spices.
Alexis: My New Year’s resolution is to get at least 8 hours of sleep each night and drink more water throughout the day.
Rebecca: In 2019, I plan to do more yoga, read more books and find more service opportunities.
Megan: In 2019, I look forward to being more positive, making more time for my friends and getting hired to teach cycle.
Torrey: My New Year’s resolutions is to refine my knowledge of spirits, learn to incorporate them into impressive at-home cocktails and better my yoga practice to burn off all those extra alcohol calories.
Julianna: My New Year’s resolutions are to spend more time outside, do more yoga, read more good books and travel as many places as I can. 😊


Happy New Year!